TeraFlow H2020 conclusions and lessons learnt

TeraFlow conclusions and lessons learnt

The TeraFlow project has reached its conclusion, and throughout its course, several important lessons have been learned.

New business models in the emerging TeraFlowSDN ecosystem

In the future ecosystem emerging from and for TeraFlowSDN, the system integrator will probably play a significant role.
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TeraFlow at IETF-116

Last month TeraFlow visited IETF 116 in Yokohama, Japan.

Optimizing Energy Efficiency in TeraFlow with Green AI Techniques: A Journey Towards Sustainability in SDN Networks

In today's ever-evolving technological landscape, security breaches are becoming increasingly prevalent.
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The Open Source Genie: Be Careful What You Wish For

Within the TeraFlow project, we are extensive users and developers of open source software.

Tutorial and TFS virtual machine

In order to on-board users to ETSI TeraFlowSDN, we have prepared an intuitive virtual tutorial, which includes all the basic knowledge to understand and use ETSI TeraFlowSDN.
IETF 115

TeraFlow at IETF-115

As noted in the TeraFlow blog at teraflow-will-leave-legacy-its-ietf-standards-and-technology-leadership, the project is making significant contributions
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How TeraFlow enables fast and cost-efficient cross-domain interconnections

Hanne-Stine Hallingby Min Xie Jane Frances Pajo Abdelhakim Cherifi Håkon Løngsethagen As a mobile o

TeraFlow will leave a Legacy via its IETF Standards and Technology Leadership

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the leading nonprofit standards body that develops internet standard

Infinera XR Optics point-to-multipoint technology integration to TeraFlowSDN

The optical networking industry has endorsed open network where transponders from different vendors can be inter-connected over a 3rd party open line system

Adventures with Semantic Networking and the 1st ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Future Internet Routing & Addressing (FIRA)

Applications are placing increasingly sophisticated demands on the network for better quality, more predictability, and greater reliability.
release 2 features

Upcoming ETSI TeraFlowSDN release 2 features

TFS release 2 cycle is well underway, with novel features being proposed, developed, consolidated and updated.

Scenario 2: Inter-domain

Today, most of the safety and efficiency features in vehicles are supported by on-board sensors, which are limited to visual line-of-sight. Connectivity offers a go
the story behind

The story behind the creation of ETSI TeraFlowSDN (OSG TFS): From European research project to a global open source community

It was the end of 2021 when we were completing the testing of the first release of our cloud-native SDN controller in TeraFlow H2020 project and when we realised that the produc

Why Technology Benchmarks Matter

Daniel King – Old Dog Consulting

Interview to Diego Marí Moretón, Connectivity Technologies & Ecosystems Manager at Meta Spain

In the last months, tons of articles have been published speculating about what should be the definition of the metaverse and which degree of evolution will experience technolog
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Autonomous Network Beyond 5G, use cases and testbed

Network Operators are embracing a transformation process to make the network fully programmable, autonomous and its resources sliceable with customer control.
core components

TeraFlowSDN Core Components

TeraFlow project capitalizes on the cloud-native design of the core TeraFlowSDN components
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TeraFlow project demonstrates the 1st release of a software-defined cloud-native SDN controller for Zero-touch Device and L3-VPN Service Management

By Ricard Vilalta, Senior Researcher at CTTC and TeraFlow Project Coordinator - We demonstrate zero-touch device bootstrapping, monitoring, and L3-VPN service management using the novel TeraFlow OS SDN controller prototype. TeraFlow aims at producing a cloud-native carrier-grade SDN controller offering...