TeraFlow H2020 developed a Carrier Grade SDN controller for B5G networks, with high levels of reliability, redundancy and security. This refers to well-tested networks or infrastructures in relevant environments with solutions of TRL 5.

For this purpose, TeraFlow has been built upon three main pillars.

  • Autonomous Network and Compute Integration
    • Compute Integration:
    • High availability/serviceability
    • Quality of Service/Quality of Experience
    • Performance and efficiency
    • Scalability
    • Security
    • Zero-touch operations
    • Life-cycle management of transport network slices
  • ML-based Cybersecurity
    • Attack prevention
    • Detection
    • Mitigation
    • Counter-attack
    • Resilient mechanisms
  • Trusted Multi-tenancy
    • Resource allocation per tenant
    • Optimised network resource usage
    • Isolation mechanisms
    • Forensic analysis of allocated resources
    • Novel Distributed Ledger Technology based on Blockchain
    • Traceability
    • Smart contracts

TeraFlow is a cloud-native SDN controller composed of multiple container-based services using novel virtualization techniques, which are deployed as micro-services and managed on elastic infrastructure through agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows.

These micro-services are structure an application as a collection of interconnected and related services using a common integration fabric. In a micro-services architecture, services are simple and detailed and the protocols are lightweight.