This document provides the first release of the proposed use cases, requirements, architecture design, business models and data models for the TeraFlow OS.
This document represents the first deliverable of the TeraFlow project’s business-related activities.
This deliverable reports the ongoing efforts i) towards the definition of the scenarios for the experimental activities, and ii) to introduce and explain the tools chosen to coordinate the prototyp
This report targets the design and the development of the TeraFlow OS Security and Integration components that are essential for future network security.
This deliverable leverages MS2.1 and MS3.1 to provide (i) implementation aspects of the core components of the TeraFlow operating system (OS) along with (ii) a preliminary evaluation of these compo


This whitepaper aims to analyze the operators’ requirements for SDN control of transport networks, as defined by the Telecom Infra Project, Open Optical & Packet Transport (OOPT) group.
Mobile networks support variety of heterogeneous services, including the emergency and mission-critical ones.
Historically, the meaning of an IP address has been to identify an interface on a network device.
The Internet Protocol (IP) has become the global standard in any computer network, independent of the connectivity to the Internet. Generally, an IP address is used to identify an interface on a
The forwarding of packets in today's networks has long evolved beyond ensuring mere reachability of the receiving endpoint.