Survivability Assessment of 5G Network Slicing During Massive Outages

Mobile networks support variety of heterogeneous services, including the emergency and mission-critical ones.

Experimental Demonstration of Transport Network Slicing with SLA Using the TeraFlowSDN Controller

This demo presents the TeraFlowSDN controller as a solution to provide dedicated transport network slices with SLAs.

P5: Event-driven Policy Framework for P4-based Traffic Engineering

We present P5; an event-driven policy framework that allows network operators to realize end-to-end policies on top of P4-based data planes in an intuitive and effective manner.

Dynamic Upgrade/Downgrade of WDM Link Capacity in SDN-enabled WDM VNTs over SDM Networks

We present a WDM over SDM control system that detects overloaded/underloaded WDM links between ROADMs and provisions/removes virtual WDM links in response to dynamic traffic changes in SDN-enabled

Demo paper: “Demonstration of a Scalable and Efficient Pipeline for ML-based Optical Monitoring”

We demonstrate a scalable processing of OPM data using ML to detect anomalies in optical services at run time.

Intent-Driven Management for Multi-Vertical End-to-End Network Slicing Services

Moving forward from 5G to 6G, one critical open challenge is customer-driven and autonomous networks management.

P4-based Telemetry Processing for Fast Soft Failure Recovery in Packet-Optical Networks

A novel framework for in-network P4 processing of distributed telemetry data is presented, enabling effective soft failure detection and recovery strategies enforced in just few microseconds.

Dynamic bypass of wavelength switching in SDN-enabled WDM VNTs over SDM Networks with high bit-rate optical channels

We experimentally demonstrate an SDN architecture for WDM VNTs to offload pass-through high bit-rate optical channels from overloaded ROADMs by provisioning spatial channels between the source and

End-to-End Inter-domain Transport Network Slice Management Using DLT-enabled Cloud-based SDN Controllers (invited paper)

This paper discusses the advantages and challenges of multiple architectures that consider the negotiation of inter-domain transport network slices using blockchain technologies.

Demo Paper: "Slice Grouping for Transport Network Slices Using Hierarchical Multi-domain SDN Controllers"

This demonstration showcases how TeraFlowSDN provides support for hierarchical control of multiple heterogeneous SDN domains (through IP, microwave and optical technologies).