Massy, France

Carlos Natalino from Chalmers University presented TeraFlowSDN during the annual event of the AI-NET project in Massy, France. AI-NET is the CELTIC-NEXT EUREKA CLUSTER flagship project, and one of its subprojects, AI-NET-PROTECT, has plans to use TeraFlow for their demonstrator. This event was attended for more that 50 people that are and public authorities or relevant actors in research and industry.

The primary objective of the AI-NET research program is to accelerate digital transformation in Europe by intelligent network automation at the Edge. Complete network automation is a clear prerequisite for the efficient use of a highly integrated and flexible edge infrastructure which is programmable across all its components, from basic connectivity setup to fully virtualized network functions and application components

The AI-NET umbrella project structure is based on three sub-projects:



The primary focus of the AI-NET-PROTECT sub-project is to provide automated resilience and secure networks operated on trusted equipment to critical infrastructures and enterprises. AI-NET-PROTECT will ensure the protection of critical data, network performance (like latency, throughput, availability), and infrastructure (against tampering and attacks). The project plans to develop a scalable network and node architecture to address the diverse KPIs by a mix of open and purpose build hardware and software including whiteboxes. Network telemetry and intent-based software-defined network management and control will provide zero-touch provisioning and support artificial intelligence-based automation of end-to-end services. Strong security based on multi-layer cryptography, agile crypt-functions, and quantum-safe algorithms will form an integral part for the developed architecture.



The primary objective of the AI-NET ANIARA is to provide enablers and solutions for high-performance services deployed and operated at the network edge. Artificial intelligence will be used to complement traditional optimisation algorithms and develop methods to minimize energy consumption.


AINET-ANTILLAS will work towards fully autonomous network operation by applying AI/ML enhanced end-to-end automation at both network and services levels towards intense automation of MEC powered IoT cybersecurity, as well as for public safety related security. AINET-ANTILLAS is planning to apply these technologies to automotive / teleoperated driving, manufacturing industry, public safety, and public utility businesses.  AINET-ANTILLAS will contribute to cyber-resilient intelligent network automation from the edge to the core through the FOG, and from the services to the physical resources, for end users, machine-to-machine and IoT networks.