Castelldefels (Barcelona, Spain)

The OSM#15 Ecosystem Day organized by the Open Source MANO community will take place on 14 June, 2023. The event will be co-located with the OSM#15 Hackfest and OSM#15 Plenary Meeting on 12-16 June, 2023 in CTTC premises in Castelldefels (Barcelona, Spain) Participation is free and open to all upon registration.

The OSM Ecosystem Day will allow the OSM Ecosystem organizations to share their Open Source MANO experiences.

On behalf of TeraFlow, Lluis Gifre and Ricard Vilalta from CTTC will present the talk “ETSI OSM-TFS Integration: New WIM-related features and future OSM+TFS integration plans – CTTC”. This talk describes the new features contributed by H2020 TeraFlow R&D project and the ETSI TeraFlowSDN members to enable the integration of the TeraFlowSDN controller as a WIM for ETSI OSM. It will also cover the next steps in the project roadmap to leverage an integrated end-to-end validation scenario for OSM and TFS. This scenario will feature OSM as the NFV orchestrator, TFS as a WIM for OSM, 2 x MicroStack-based VIMs managed by OSM, and an additional node emulating a WAN network interconnecting the VIMs. The WAN network will be controlled by TFS based on the requests from OSM.