A Survey of Semantic Internet Networking Techniques

Individual IETF Internet-Draft – May 2023
The Internet Protocol (IP) has become the global standard in any computer network, independent of the connectivity to the Internet. Generally, an IP address is used to identify an interface on a network device.

Challenges for the Internet Routing Infrastructure Introduced by Changes in Address Semantics

Individual IETF Internet-Draft - May 2023
Historically, the meaning of an IP address has been to identify an interface on a network device.

Considerations for the use of SDN in Semantic Routing Networks

Individual IETF Internet-Draft - May 2023
The forwarding of packets in today's networks has long evolved beyond ensuring mere reachability of the receiving endpoint.

Overview and Principles of Internet Traffic Engineering

IETF Internet-Draft RFC 3272bis-24 - October 2022
This document describes the principles of traffic engineering (TE) in the Internet.

Applicability of Abstraction and Control of Traffic Engineered Networks (ACTN) to Network Slicing

IETF Internet-Draft - March 2023
Network abstraction is a technique that can be applied to a network domain to obtain a view of potential connectivity across the network by utilizing a set of policies to select network resources. Network slicing is an approach to network operations that builds on   the concept of netwo

Framework for IETF Network Slices

IETF Internet-Draft - January 2023
This document describes network slicing in the context of networks built from IETF technologies.

Demo Paper: "Slice Grouping for Transport Network Slices Using Hierarchical Multi-domain SDN Controllers"

2023 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC2023)
This demonstration showcases how TeraFlowSDN provides support for hierarchical control of multiple heterogeneous SDN domains (through IP, microwave and optical technologies). Different transport slices are offered with multiple SLAs and grouped to optimize resources.

P5: Event-driven Policy Framework for P4-based Traffic Engineering

2023 IEEE 24th International Conference on High-Performance Switching and Routing (IEEE HPSR 2023)
We present P5; an event-driven policy framework that allows network operators to realize end-to-end policies on top of P4-based data planes in an intuitive and effective manner.

Experimental Demonstration of Transport Network Slicing with SLA Using the TeraFlowSDN Controller

2022 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC2022)
This demo presents the TeraFlowSDN controller as a solution to provide dedicated transport network slices with SLAs. To this end, the demo details how the interface between an NFV orchestrator and the SDN controller can provide transport network slices using protected disjoint paths.

Providing More Than ‘Just’ Reachability Through Semantic Networking

2022 ACM SIGCOMM - FIRA'22: Workshop on Future of Internet Routing & Addressing
The Internet has been constantly evolving beyond its original purpose to ensure the reachability between endpoints wherever they may be located.