Extensions to the Access Control Lists (ACLs) YANG Model

Individual IETF Internet-Draft - October 2022
NO LONGER ACTIVE DRAFT - RFC 8519 defines a YANG data model for Access Control Lists (ACLs). This document discusses a set of extensions that fix many of the limitations of the ACL model as initially defined in RFC 8519.

Considerations for the use of SDN in Semantic Routing Networks

Individual IETF Internet-Draft - May 2023
The forwarding of packets in today's networks has long evolved beyond ensuring mere reachability of the receiving endpoint.

A YANG Model for Network and VPN Service Performance Monitoring

IETF RFC 9375 - April 2023
The data model for network topologies defined in RFC 8345 introduces vertical layering relationships between networks that can be augmented to cover network and service topologies.

A YANG Network Data Model for Layer 2 VPNs

IETF RFC 9291- September 2022
This document defines an L2VPN Network Model (L2NM) that can be used to manage the provisioning of Layer 2 Virtual Private Network (L2VPN) services within a network (e.g., a service provider network).

A Layer 3 VPN Network YANG Model

IETF RFC 9182 - February 2022
As a complement to the Layer 3 Virtual Private Network Service Model (L3SM), which is used for communication between customers and service providers, this document defines an L3VPN Network Model (L3NM) that can be used for the provisioning of Layer 3 Virtual Private Network (L3VPN) services withi

A Common YANG Data Model for Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs

IETF RFC 9181 - February 2022
This document defines a common YANG module that is meant to be reused by various VPN-related modules such as Layer 3 VPN and Layer 2 VPN network models.

Providing More Than ‘Just’ Reachability Through Semantic Networking

2022 ACM SIGCOMM - FIRA'22: Workshop on Future of Internet Routing & Addressing
The Internet has been constantly evolving beyond its original purpose to ensure the reachability between endpoints wherever they may be located.